Step-by-Step Guide to Reading a Diesel Engine ECM Calibration File with EFILive

Step 1. Connect the EFILive hardware to your computer and the vehicle: Plug the EFILive hardware into the vehicle's OBD-II port using the provided cable. Connect the other end of the cable to your computer.

Step 2. Open the EFILive Scan and Tune software: On your computer, open the EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software. You should see a screen with several options.

Diesel tuning software

Step 3. Select the "F3: Tune" option: On the main screen of the EFILive software, select the "F3: Tune" option. A new box will pop up and take you to the scan tool interface.

ECM tuning guide

Step 4. Select the "F2: Read" option and click "Auto Detect: In the scan tool interface, select the "F2: Read" option. In the panel, click "Auto Detect".

Diesel tuning guide

Step 5. Select the "Read" option: In the section below, select the "Read" option. This will start the process of reading the ECM data.

Step 6. Wait for the reading process to complete: The reading process may take several minutes. Do not disconnect the EFILive hardware or turn off the vehicle during this time.

Step 7. Save the tune file: Once the file has been read out and the process is complete, you will be prompted to save the tune file to your desktop. Use the VIN number of the truck as the file name and ensure it's saved to your desktop.

Remember, always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using diagnostic tools and software to avoid causing damage to the vehicle or the ECM.

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