What's involved in the 3K Calibrations tuning process?

Pull out your ECM and either bring it to us in person or send it in the mail. We accept shipping from anywhere in the world.

1. We ship you our custom tuning box.

In order to minimize downtime (our average is one day), we send you our custom tuning box in the mail. Once you receive it, give us a call and we'll get to work!
Note: if you're local, you can come to our shop.

If you need a laptop and Nexiq USB Link 2, we can provide all necessary tools for programming.

2. You hook it up — we dial it in.

Either through TeamViewer or in-person, we'll flash your truck and run it with our custom software. We'll run tests and make programming alterations so that the tune is optimized specifically for your truck and your needs.

3. We provide ongoing support.

You can drive your truck with peace of mind knowing that we provide lifetime warranty on all of our tunes. If you have any issues with your truck after the tune, give us a call and we'll provide support at no additional cost.
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