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Other tuning companies might offer better prices but those better prices come at a long-term cost. Our programmers customize each tune to ensure it meets your specific needs — and optimizes your engine for performance and longevity. A stock tune that's loaded and left without any changes will often result in bad timing, poor fuel ratios, maintenance issues, and other costly problems. That's why we provide customized service with every tune alongside lifetime support to ensure your investment is protected.

Get it done right

Bottom of the barrel tunes are everywhere, except here. 3K Calibrations provides advanced custom tuning from highly-trained experts.
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Lifetime Support

All of our tunes comes with lifetime support for the original owner. If there's an issue with your tune, we're just a phone call away.
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Cheap means expensive

Spending $3,000 on a tune you've found somewhere else for $1,500 seems pretty stupid, right? Maybe not. See our breakdown of why cheaper is rarely better.
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